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I’ve owned many Corvettes in my short thirty years of existence (2 C5s / 3 C6s). #humblebrag

Yesterday I was looking for a keyboard stand in my garage when I came across a Porter Cable 7424 (orbital polisher). The polisher was still in the box, unopened.


I bought the PC 7424 after attending my first meeting of the local Corvette club. Being new to Corvette, I was naïve and willing to participate whatever rituals were required to become a full-fledged member.

Waving at Corvettes became a reflex (still do it today).

I purchased the mandatory mirrored Z06 plate that sits between the exhaust pipes.

Retractable front plate? Bought and installed.

I also purchased a full car-care kit to include the 7424. I never even opened it.


It isn’t that I have some automotive hippie fetish for not bathing my car, I just grew tired of the “hey let’s have a clay bar party!” weekend events.

I was an enthusiast and loved my car, but I didn’t feel obligated to make it sparkle before it could move.


Having been intimate with the Corvette Owners Circle of America I can say with almost 100% certainty - the future for C7’s paint is safe, just so long as new owners in the fold receive the same education I did.

Bonus Question: Does this OCD with paint care exist in all brands in your motoring experience?


Enjoy your weekend!

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