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A couple I know just named their new child TwentyFifteen Mustang and it was rumored that Joe Biden already put down a deposit for the new pony car (That's a joke people).

Thankfully earlier today GM issued a press release that it had appointed a new CEO and it was not the 2015 Mustang. The press now had something else to cover that was not the 2015 Mustang.


All joking aside, I understand how cool/important the Mustang is, especially to us car people. Having owned a GT a couple of years ago and survived dancing with a live-rear axle, I'm excited for the new pony car.

I can't help but acknowledge how many people seem to be frustrated and/or tired of the media's coverage of the new Mustang (here and elsewhere). I don't mind the coverage as I find it more valuable than Russian dash cams or a post on 17 Ways to Wash Your Wheels Without Water.

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