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If that headline were real protestors would comecrawling out of the woodwork and burn New Jersey to the ground. Why? People who love Apple, love Apple stores.And while the headline might be false, the idiotic thinking behind it is veryreal. And sadly, more and more common thanks to dealership profits lining the pockets of politicians.

In case you are lost, today New Jersey, amid all the Bridgegatedrama, has, according to Elon Musk in a recent blog post, "gone back on itsword" to delay an "anti-Tesla" rule. In other words Chris Christie is being shadyand has been called a liar, yet again.


Seeing that the one-time potentialpresidential candidate is already in the cross hairs of many I wouldn't besurprised to see the mainstream media dragged into this debate which wouldn't be a bad thing. I'd love to see a representative from NADA on a national cable channel defending the dealers.

Getting back to iPhones and Apple Stores…

I've been to malls where you have a Best Buy on one end and anApple Store on the other and a handful of retailers, like Verizon and AT&T,along the way who all do one thing - sell iPhones.


It's hard to compare a $700 phone to a $100,000 car, but atthe fundamental level telling Tesla they have to let dealers sell theirproducts would be like telling Apple, Best Buy and Verizon, that only mall kiosks, "small business dealers,"can sell their phones. Can you imagine the level of 'Genius' you'd get from theguy winking at teenage girls hocking glittery pink iPhone cases? So much forthe brand image and customer loyalty.

This topic has been beat to death and I give Elon Musk creditfor being personally vocal on the issue. Frankly, he has no other choice. Agreat deal of his wealth is tied to Tesla's success and that success isdependent upon growth. It's damn hard to sell cars in a state when that statemakes it illegal.


Does Elon need a new strategy? Yes. Do I know what thatstrategy is – no, not exactly.

The brand has a very fired-up base that will do whatever thebrand asks of them, but it seems like their efforts, both publicly and privatelycontinue to fail. It could be thatTesla's first "ads" will be campaign-like messages telling the American people,or in this case the people of New Jersey, that their government is crushing "innovationand consumer choice."


Either way Elon is going to have to either find stronger alliesin the various states or petition a higher court to strike down the state'smovements to ban his method of selling cars. This all needs to happen soon orhis mass market car won't have a mass market legally able to purchase it.

Tesla Blog Post:…

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