Today, at 10 AM, Elon Musk will appear before the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee to testify on how America pays to put things like military and intelligence satellites into orbit.

This hearing comes a day after GAO released a review of the Air Force's acquisition of the Evolved Expandable Launch Vehicle (EELV) from United Launch Alliance. The report looked at the contracting pros and cons of how America purchases its strategic space lift capability. In other words how we buy rockets.

From GAO:

This report addresses the following: (1) What insightdid DOD haveinto launch costs under past EELV contracts? (2) How do recentchanges to EELV contracts affect accounting for costs? (3) How is DOD compensated for costs when ULA sells launches to other customers? and (4) What are the implications if DOD requires competitors to submit offersusing the same structure itcurrentlyuses with ULA or a commercial approach?


I suspect that this hearing will delve more into the topic of contract acquisition and less into weaponized suits. Then again, you never know.

UPDATE: Added video below of hearing from Senate archive.