Chevrolet recently pulled the wraps off a Camaro that is better than the two previous track-ready Camaros. The Camaro Z/28 now joins the Camaro SS 1LE, Camaro ZL1 and the Camaro NHRA race-ready chassis in a crowded room of track-inspired/ready/built Camaros.

The Z/28 will feature a host of parts from the GM Performance bin of Corvette components. An LS7 engine, uber-expensive brakes from the Z07 Carbon packaged Z06, R-compound sticky tires, and more.


To ensure everyone knew just how serious GM was about the track capability of their now 300lb lighter Camaro, they even removed the air conditioning.

Extreme Badassery!

Clearly GM has taken a page directly from Porsche’s book on profitability. Like the German automaker, GM has removed an essential item in the name of performance only to sell it back to you for a fee.


It is a proven fact that building a car without air conditioning gives it automatic track cred with both journalists and executives.

No one was happier to hear about the return of the Z28 than Vice President Joe Biden (pictured above washing a one-off Camaro Z28 built by GM just for Joe).

“When Pontiac died, a part of me died with it. While I was a ‘lil sad they didn’t call it an IROC-Z, I can live with Z/28”, said Vice President Joe.

All jokes aside, bravo to Dan Ackerson for letting Mark Reuss build crazy track-bred V8-powered machines for the masses.

For more info on the car here is a link to GM’s press release so you can see pretty images of the car and read all the details that I didn’t feel like regurgitating here.